Fashion3d is an innovative augmented reality application which lets people try on any type of virtual outfits. From wearing the latest fashion to slipping into one’s favourite super-hero costume, anything is possible.

Standing a few meters away from the screen, the user can interact with the virtual mirror through an on-screen interface controlled by natural hand gestures. The interface has been carefully designed to be both very intuitive and easy to use.The device is based on the same 3D-sensing technology as the Microsoft Kinect™ for Xbox. This makes it possible to capture a 3D representation of users and accurately fit clothes on them as they move. Thanks to an advanced real-time physics simulation technology, the clothes look and behave just like real soft fabric. Many different material presets are available to simulate silk, cotton, jeans and more.

Amaze your customers by presenting your latest collection in an entirely new way. Naturally, the interface can be fully customized to match your company’s visual identity. Because social networks have become a key part of modern marketing strategies, fashion3d comes with a built-in Facebook integration. With a single click, users can take a picture of themselves and share it with their friends to keep the buzz rolling.

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Technical specs.


  • State-of-the-art real-time cloth simulation
  • Intuitive interface controlled by hand gestures
  • Entirely customizable to match individual needs
  • Easy installation with a single power cable

Social Networking:

  • One-click picture taking (Photo Booth effect)
  • Integrated Facebook pictures upload
  • More networks to be added soon

Technical Data:

  • High quality standalone box with integrated HD display and 3D sensor
  • Dimensions: 100 cm x 190 cm x 20 cm (WxHxD)
  • Power: 100-240V ~ 50-60Hz
  • Weight: 110 Kg